Suggestions & Commissions

I am certainly a very busy fellow, but I can still consider commissions (subject to Tag check[whether or not I will consider it], length check[How much time I have to put in] and difficulty check [Cleaning hell would kill me before I release it] before I can really say a price), or well, Ask another group, if they seem free.

And if I open shop, keep in mind that I stay away from certain tags: ESPECIALLY NTR AND YAOI, AND ALSO SCAT. KEEP THOSE AWAY FROM ME MAN! As well as certain…unusual stuff. Please do not hold it against me for not doing any of these, even when offered money, but i’d rather not the heartache or, well, eye-stab.

No Fugly faceless bastards group gangbang rape or stuff like that as well if possible.

Vanilla-stuff is best! Monster girls are great too. The more orthodox stuff works as well.

If you really do wish to commission a work, send me an email to with a link to the raws or at least preview images and I will discuss with you regarding whether or not I am inclined to accept, as well as terms and questions etc.

And well, suggestions?

I suppose if you think there is a way i can improve (not accepting helpers…I’m a solo man) let me know! I mean, Sure, maybe I could use a cleaner, But working solo has it’s own benefits. Still, I appreciate any constructive criticism, or compliments if that’s what you want to give me, Much appreciated.

Also, Dead Links and such, do let me know.


5 responses to “Suggestions & Commissions”

  1. Memento Mori says :

    I’m almost amazed, frankly. I’ve seen a lot of solo works in my time and this is by far some of the best I’ve seen. The only real comments on improvement I can think of right away are with your font choice and general grammar. Grammar’s definitely a more minor one, it sort of comes with the territory and even large groups have times of issue. This is something I feel you should just strive to improve over the course of time, at whichever pace you find you can manage. As far as font goes, in your first release I noticed no font issues whatsoever, but in the second release, Ore no Kanojo ga OO Sugiru, the first page of dialogue contains a large, dark, and tight font for the bubbles with the “Hmm” and “Mmh” fonts. I didn’t see it in the rest of the work, but fonts like that should generally be avoided in favor of cleaner, easier to read at a glance fonts.

    lastly I’d suggest more staff, but I can respect you wanting to go solo. Good luck with this.

    • AssasinZAssasin says :

      My sister is a good teacher, I can tell you that honestly from my heart.

      Well, Grammar…Japanese is a tricky thing to translate due to the various differences in Language, and not even my proficiency in English can change how hard it is to translate.

      Yes, I was aware of that font problem but I wasn’t sure what went wrong, It’s tough to change, but I’ll try to, well, avoid that in future releases.

      One man job is how I do things simply because I can’t clean very well. (There is a small trick to doing all 3 at the same time that makes things easier on me yet not sacrificing quality…unless the reader really scrutinizes the picture)

      Well, If anything…Maybe a cleaner. But otherwise I stick to soloing.

  2. Ziraro says :

    Hey assassinzassassin, I used to read your translations on fakku in 2013, you might remember my username as I had some top comments. I’m posting here to ask about where you will upload your h-manga translations, as fakku is “dead” (subscriber and official releases only). I remember the downfall of lustyladyproject and hope that you’re able to stay afloat. seems to be a decent place to upload to, and considering I lost all my fakku favorites, I now need a new site.

    Ziraro (OverlordZiraro)

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