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[10th Release!] Even at night, it’s still a battlefield! (Oreshura) by Crazy Crazy






I really hope you enjoy this. I did, I especially loved Masuzu’s glorious facial expressions. They’re amazing.

On a side note…I really have to stop pulling all nighters to translate. BUT I HAD TO! FOR MASUZU!

Strangely, it has Chiwa on the front page. I mean, sure, she had a section, but ultimately I felt the focus was once again on Eita and Masuzu. Well, at least there is Chiwa for you guys  that never got enough of her.

I like Osananajimis, I really do, but in this series, I do so love Masuzu.

Note: Fakku uploads are down so for now no link there. So those of you who actually check my blog or Exhentai, you’re in luck! Have a great time relishing it~





[Second Release] Ore no Kanojo ga OO Sugiru (OreShura) by Nama Cream Biyori

NSFW, just saying.

Sorry it took awhile! This was what I was working on but I had to go on a trip so…Eh.

Hope you enjoy it! Similar premise to Nisekoi, where we get some fake lovers…Well, I like this series. It’s pretty nice. Still waiting for Eita and Masuzu to finally confess! Though it might never happen for a while.

Btw, Lovin Nama Cream Biyori’s art.