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Quick Update regarding my TL schedule

Haven’t posted anything in a bit…

So anyway, my next TL release if everything goes according to plan is one that someone commissioned from me, so look forward to that for now.

After that, I’ve already decided on what I Want to translate next…It’s a tough translation with a lot of words, but bear with me! I’m hoping to give some doujinshi the TL it deserves, so…


News Update on TL status

Hey there! I’ve been really busy, unfortunately, and I’m sorry I couldn’t bring you guys anything more since November, and before Xmas. I’ve actually already selected my next project and as soon as I can TL, and finish up, I’ll definitely release it. Sorry.

And thanks for sticking with me until now. I’ll try not to disappoint! Look forward to the 5th release! 

Hint: It’s from a series I’ve already done before. Heh, try guessing which? You have a 1/4 chance to get it right haha.

Status Update: SO DAMN EXCITED!!!


I love this series to death and I just cannot believe there are NO translated ones out there and even then it took months (after i discovered it) for me to be able to find the first few raw doujins for it! It’s such a treasure! 

And if I manage to be the FIRST one to post a translated work for this series online(In english, kinda like the case for the Oreshura one)…I’ll feel absolutely satisfied as a translator.

Just, SO DAMN EXCITED! I hope you guys will enjoy it when it’s done! Keep you posted, eh?

Translation Status Update

So, I have currently selected my next 2 (possibly 3) projects I plan to work on. I am currently already partway through translating the first one (which just…has so many dang pages it’s discouraging sometimes, But I’ll finish it sometime), And the second one I am really excited to do and so I will double time my efforts when time allows me to do so.

The third(?) one seems really tough to translate (More so Cleaning), so it’s still under consideration.

Once again, heh, feel free to guess what these titles are. Not that you will find out until it’s out!


As you should know from the introductions page (Welcome to the Family) I mostly just translate on a whim. Well, I decided to pick up the slack and am currently translating a new doujinshi.

Btw, not telling you what it is. Just wait until it releases!