Welcome to the Family!


Welcome To my Scanslations page! Came here by accident? Best be on your way…Or, well, check it out I S’pose.

Here from E Hentai or FAKKU? or maybe even Googling Hentai? Welcome! Glad to have you visit me to (hopefully) support me.


I’m actually aiming to study in Japan in the future, and I really got hooked onto their stuff like Anime, Manga and Visual Novels. I thought, hey, to improve my writing and understanding of Japanese, I figured I’d, well, Translate some manga/doujinshi that I particularly like and feel deserve to be translated. I’d translate Visual Novels or Light Novels or subtitle anime too, but I feel translating it myself detracts from my own final experience, whereas Hentai/manga…Well, the anticipation keeps me going.

I do a one man job, so everything is done by my schedule, when i do it, when I’m done etc. I’m not the free-est person in the world so I do this as…sort of  hobby? If you want to give me money for free or commission something, by all means, let me know and I can consider it (Refer to Suggestions and Commissions page)

Also, I do plan to be an Author in future and if I do get any books published, I’d appreciate the support if you bought some, alongside donations or commissions which I also appreciate as support!

Either way, I just hope you enjoy the stuff I release. Knowing that at the end of the day, something I did made your day better is enough thanks for me. Though of course other means of thanks is fine, verbal or written or in “paper”.


6 responses to “Welcome to the Family!”

  1. ret says :

    nice site….hope you will continue on doing translation….
    and also good luck on your study…and if you get to study in japan…hopefully you can share us some of their great doujins…lol

  2. Bludflag says :

    Hey man,thanks i hope you keep translating and just wanted to let you know there isn`t a lot of translated Soul Eater doujinshi(please translate)and also as ret said good luck on your study 😀

  3. RyuuChama says :

    Just passed by your account in Fakku and saw that you are into translation/Scanlations too. Welp, goodluck out there! Hope youre doing good in your Japanese (Im a lil teeny tiny bit jealous tho :3)

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