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[12th Release] Onmitsu Hittou to Icha Love shitai (Dog Days) by Small Step

NSFW!!!! But you knew that, and you love it!


Ah yes, Cinque Izumi, the lucky bastard that has a harem of kemonomimi girls.


So, about this one…Basically, he goes on a journey with Brioche and Yukikaze to hunt demons, sort of, and when Brioche attempts to teach him her ultimate technique…

Let’s just say he’s polishing a different “sword”manship, eh? the one in bed. With Yukikaze. And it’s just so sweet, and lovely, and adorable and so on and so forth. Seriously, I love it when a girl with Kemonomimi moves her tail and ears, it’s unbearably cute.

I want to pet them, or hug them, or rub my face with the fluffy tail… TOUCH THE FLUFFY TAIL, ALWAYS.



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