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[11th Release] Dangan NaegiKun (DanganRonpa) by Crea-Holic!

As always…

NSFW. But i’m sure you knew that!


Makoto really is the “Ultimate LUCKY BASTARD student”. Seriously, his luck amplifies to Hentai Protagonist levels because…he’s essentially become one.

And THAT ENDING PAGE. Seriously, It is AWESOME. Yasuhiro, you so funny, and such a happy ending for Naegi and the girls!

Also, A jealous and Tsundere Kyouko is just…adorable. Simply adorable and I couldn’t help but pick it up. Helped that it promised me some Celes and Sayaka goodness too.

Seriously, even Makoto knows it. He’s literally taking advantage of his status upgrade to Hentai Protagonist.


Download at: (Mediafire broke down i think)