[8th Release] Headshot Bakery (Valkyria Chronicles) by Narusawa Kei!


8th is also a good number for me, ever since I was young for some reason people associated me with 8. Haha.

So, I love Valkyria Chronicles. I really do. The game is awesome! The anime was…decent. I mean, I liked it, but I felt some parts butchered what the game set out to do but let’s not talk about that here!

So. This was the ONLY one I could find that was PURELY WelkinXAlicia in it’s entirety. Damn, right? The others are all rape, NTR, or Vanilla TURNED rape/NTR.

Well, that’s exactly why I picked this up. It so badly deserves some spotlight.









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2 responses to “[8th Release] Headshot Bakery (Valkyria Chronicles) by Narusawa Kei!”

  1. M A says :

    Finally, was getting tired of the exact same problems with valkyria doujins as you were! so thank you!

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