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[MERRY XMAS RELEASE!] 5th actually.] Mousou Theather 43 (NISEKOI) by Arino Hiroshi


MERRY SEXMAS! Er, HentaiMas! ….Xmas damn it.

Boy have i got a lovely present for you folks! Some lovely Nisekoi Vanilla! UNFORTUNATELY, there is some group in it.

Fair Warning, she goes dick crazy for the span of a page or two, HOWEVER, Front hole is reserved for Raku only, and she still loves him even until the last page.

I tried to rush this a little to fit Xmas, so sorry I didn’t TL some moaning bubbles, but i’m sure you guys will fap anyway. Or you just want teh PLOTS.



JUST LOOK AT THAT LOVELY ART!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am really loving his art.




News Update on TL status

Hey there! I’ve been really busy, unfortunately, and I’m sorry I couldn’t bring you guys anything more since November, and before Xmas. I’ve actually already selected my next project and as soon as I can TL, and finish up, I’ll definitely release it. Sorry.

And thanks for sticking with me until now. I’ll try not to disappoint! Look forward to the 5th release! 

Hint: It’s from a series I’ve already done before. Heh, try guessing which? You have a 1/4 chance to get it right haha.