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[3rd Release] Inuneko Gassen Butaiura Emaki (Dog Days) by Kairoudou

N – S – F – W !!! Just sayin, man.

Been awhile, no? I’ve been busy…This CG set, LOOK AT HOW MANY PAGES THERE ARE! Short to translate, but a whole shit ton to clean and typeset. I do honestly hope you enjoy it…That’d at least make my effort worth it. Special Thanks to¬†Hanayome from FAKKU for helping me with the cleaning, definitely saved me a lot of time.



VIEW AT: (Funny thing, they classified it as Shota [Sink? Shota? the heck?] and deleted my gallery).


Translation Status Update

So, I have currently selected my next 2 (possibly 3) projects I plan to work on. I am currently already partway through translating the first one (which just…has so many dang pages it’s discouraging sometimes, But I’ll finish it sometime), And the second one I am really excited to do and so I will double time my efforts when time allows me to do so.

The third(?) one seems really tough to translate (More so Cleaning), so it’s still under consideration.

Once again, heh, feel free to guess what these titles are. Not that you will find out until it’s out!

[Second Release] Ore no Kanojo ga OO Sugiru (OreShura) by Nama Cream Biyori

NSFW, just saying.

Sorry it took awhile! This was what I was working on but I had to go on a trip so…Eh.

Hope you enjoy it! Similar premise to Nisekoi, where we get some fake lovers…Well, I like this series. It’s pretty nice. Still waiting for Eita and Masuzu to finally confess! Though it might never happen for a while.

Btw, Lovin Nama Cream Biyori’s art.